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← Gå til Main suspect in Danish Bank fraud case Jyske Bank's way of doing fraud business. Welcome to Criminal danish banks. BANKNYT.DK – Welcome to Denmark's probably the most criminal banks, and law firms. Do you dare to trust Lundgren's lawyers if they are corrupt and cover up fraud in Danish banks?. One Dane alone has taken the fight against fraud and corruption, performed by the Danish lawyers and banks. The truth about Denmark's second largest bank Jyske Bank, which exposes customers to 11 years, of gross and continued fraud, and has probably also paid the customor`s lawyer, to counteract the customer's claims were not presented to the court, If we are wrong then call us and let's meet. so that we together can correct misunderstandings. Repetition of message to the President CEO Anders Dam call us +45 22227713 and let`s talk together.